Monday, August 29, 2016

What's New in Google?

Over the summer Google announced many updates. Here are a few notable items:

Google Slides - When presenting with Google Slides you can now allow your audience to submit questions:

Google Sites - A long awaited refresh to Google Sites was announced in June. "Classic" Google Sites will still be around and all existing Sites should function for another year.  The "New Google Sites" are in beta and Google will continue to improve the interface as users provide feedback. Lucky manchester, NH - our school district was approved for the Early Adoption Program so anyone in MSD should feel free to check out the new interface.

Google Classroom - This has been on on everyone's wishlist: you can now invite parents to view your "Classroom".

Google Forms - Forms got a couple of nifty updates recently: you can now insert amages into question items: A quiz feature was also added to Forms. Check out the comparision between Flubaroo and The Google Forms quiz feature here:

As with all things Google -- keep in mind that updates and improvements are continually rolled out.

Have QUESTIONS? Google rolled out a Training for Google Apps extension. It's simple and efficient and is at your fingertips in everything Google.

Finally -- want to stay on top of it all? Stay up to date with all of the latest Google updates announcements:
What's new in Google:
Google Apps updates blog:

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Takeout Time Again - Save Your Google Data

Google Takeout

June is right around the corner and it's the time of year when staff and students start wondering what to do with all of the stuff  in their organizational Google account if they are leaving (and not returning to) the Manchester School District

Enter Google Takeout! You have the option to download the data associated with an organizational Google Account so that it can be transferred to a personal Google account, other service, or simply to keep a copy for your records.

Find out more on how to save your Google data:

About Transfer of Ownership for Google Docs

If you created and own documents that are shared to other users in the organization you can transfer ownership of items you no longer need to another user in the same organization.  (What this means is you can't transfer ownership of docs from your school Google Drive to your personal Google Drive.) Find out more about transfer of ownership here:

Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Emergency Notification System to Launch 2/19/2016

SchoolMessenger, a new emergency notification system for the Manchester School District will be tested within 5 pilot schools. The deployment of SchoolMessenger is part of our ongoing efforts to improve safety and communication.

Q: What is SchoolMessenger?

A: SchoolMessenger is a secure multi-channel notification system for schools that can be used to quickly and efficiently deliver a high volume of school and district-level messages.

Q: How are messages delivered?

A: SchoolMessenger has the capability to send notifications via voice, text, email, social media, web, and push notifications.

In its initial implementation SchoolMessenger will be used for emergency notifications via voice and email. It will use data from the prioritized contacts for students in Aspen, our student information system. Once the system has been piloted and tested for emergency use, parents/guardians will be given the opportunity to create a contact profile using SchoolMessenger’s Contact Manager where they can opt to receive text messages, set phone and email preferences, and customize the types of messages they wish to receive.

Q: What is considered an emergency?

A: For the purpose of our initial implementation an emergency is defined as: An event that invokes the MSD Emergency Response Action Plan. The notification system will also be used for incidents such as an unexpected early dismissal or transportation delays.

Q: Can SchoolMessenger be used for anything other than emergency notifications?

A: Yes, in addition to quickly providing information during emergencies, SchoolMessenger has the capability to send attendance information and customized messages about school and district general interest activities

​In its initial implementation SchoolMessenger will be used for emergency notifications

Q: Who has the ability to send emergency notifications?

A: Key district personnel and all school principals and assistant principals will be provided with user accounts. End user training will be scheduled with SchoolMessenger’s training department.

Q: When will we begin using SchoolMessenger and which schools will participate in an initial emergency notification pilot?

A: Based on information gathered in a recent survey to inquire about the integrity of contact information in Aspen and schools’ readiness to proceed, five schools have been identified to participate in a pilot: Gossler Park, Memorial, Parker-Varney, Parkside, and West. A letter will be provided to schools to notify parents/guardians that they should expect to receive a test call to their home and cell phones as well as an email notification (if that information was provided and entered in Aspen.)

Q: Which contacts will receive a notification?

A: Priorities 1 - 3. Please make sure contacts 1 - 3 are truly emergency contacts (not general contacts.)

Q: What about Nixle and other messaging systems?

A: Until we have reached full deployment of SchoolMessenger’s capabilities we will continue to post emergency notifications to Nixle so that those who have opted in to receive text messages can continue to do so. Schools that have subscribed to third-party attendance notification systems can continue to use these systems until SchoolMessenger is fully deployed.

Q: What about families whose home language is not English?

A: SchoolMessenger can deliver text-to-speech messages in 30 languages. Users can input text into the system and SchoolMessenger will automatically translate the text into audio recordings in various languages. As with any text-to-speech tool, the system is not always perfect and can translate the written word into spoken word incorrectly. When sending text-to-speech messages it is recommended to proofread and listen to the produced audio recording and to work with bilingual liaisons to help ensure accuracy of your message.

Again, SchoolMessenger is part of our ongoing efforts to improve safety and communication. SchoolMessenger will be an important tool to help with unexpected emergencies when it becomes imperative to contact families in a timely manner.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Is your Chromebook touchy? I hope so!

Remember to model the simple things!
A neighboring school district recently shared their scope and sequence for technology skills across grade levels.  What really caught my eye was the tagline on the pages for each Essential Understanding: "All teachers will model all skills at all times." You might be wondering what this has to do with touchy Chromebooks.

We recently heard concerns from teachers about the difficulty some students were experiencing when using the touchpad on their Chromebooks. Then came the question "Can't they just use a mouse?"

My immediate thought was: does the issue lie with a user's lack of instruction or with the device?

Solid modeling plays a very important role in removing barriers to using technology in the classroom. When young learners need to be shown how to properly hold a pencil we introduce them to the  tripod grasp or the pinch and flip trick. So why wouldn't we teach them the two-finger swipe or two-finger scroll on their Chromebook touchpad?

Google provides a support page for everything you would want to know about how to be efficiently touchy with your Chromebook's touchpad: In addition to learning a few gestures, you can also slow down  or speed up the responsiveness of your touchpad.

So remember: be a good model in your classroom and model all skills at all times!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Free Parent Forum on Cyberbullying and Social Media - Nov. 30: Save the Date!

Stop Cyberbullying!
A free forum designed for parents and community partners is being offered as part of this year's Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference here in Manchester! The presentation will provide a broad overview of adolescent technological concerns, including cyberbullying and social networking sites.

This informational session is presented by Dr. Sameer Hinduja, Co-Director of the Cyberbullying Research Center and Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice at Florida Atlantic University.

The presentation takes place on Monday, November 30 from 6:30 - 8:30 PM. For more information and to register please visit:

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Calling all Doodlers! "Doodle 4 Google" Contest is Now Open!

Doodle for Google contest

Calling all artists in grades K - 12! You are invited to participate in the 2015 Doodle for Google contest. Create a doodle that tells the world what makes! Each doodle must incorporate the letters G - o - o - g - l - e. One lucky national winner will receive a $30,000 scholarship.

Get your entry in by December 7, 2015. Look for more info and examples at

Friday, October 23, 2015

Speak Up About 21st Century Education and Technology

Calling all participants! Speak Up, a national online research project facilitated by Project Tomorrow®, gives individuals the opportunity to share their viewpoints about key educational issues, particularly concerning 21st century education and technology. Each year, findings are summarized and shared with national and state policy makers. Let your voice be heard!

 WHO TAKES THE SURVEY? Students, Staff, Parents, Administrators and Community Members are invited to participate. LET MANCHESTER'S VOICE BE HEARD!

the secret word is speaknow

The secret word for students is: speaknow


NEED HELP? View participant tutorials here: