Saturday, November 17, 2012

General Computer Refresh Professional Development

To increase the effectiveness of the refresh computers we are providing basic training that includes personal instruction as well as a set of web based reference tools which promote digital literacy and citizenship in an age appropriate way. The tools website is and contains free common core aligned lesson plans by grade level as well as educational materials for parents and self paced professional development materials for teachers.

UNH Manchester Internships

On 11/13/12 our team participated in an event at UNHM with juniors and seniors of the CIS program for internships within our TRC department. We had a successful experience with last year's interns and are looking forward to another successful internship engagement, helping us deploy new technology as well as support our student tech team and teacher PC training initiatives.

District Portfolio Server Transition

We will be retiring our old file server based student electronic portfolio servers on Feb 1 2013. We will be migrating this functionality to our free Google Apps for Education platform utilizing specially designed portfolio templates.

Dinkin Donuts Grant

Thanks to the generous donation from Dunkin Donuts, combined with a commitment from Comcast for 240 low cost netbook computers, 4 Manchester district schools will be receiving new student computers. The four schools are Smyth, Webster, Hallsville and Highland Goffs Falls. Each school will receive 60 computers, 2 computer carts and 2 wireless access points and are scheduled to be delivered sometime in November.
Current Progress:
Update on 11/6/2012 from Comcast: Computers are in their order processing system and we are awaiting a firm delivery date from Comcast..
The commitment that our leadership team has demonstrated over the last year supporting the computer refresh, policy changes, and introduction of new collaboration tools are generating a lot of excitement in reviving tech team interest in the schools.
We are continuing to dedicate TRC resources toward professional development in ICT computer labs, library media centers and technology savvy teaching staff. Our next goal is to develop an ELO(Extended Learning Opportunity) program to provide students extra credit for helping the district with technology projects and support. We are in the process of designing a district ELO website that we will launch soon.
Current Progress:
We continue working on ELO website content.

Managed Wireless Network Upgrade

Current progress:
The walkthroughs of all of the school buildings have been completed. Vendors will now prepare their proposals which are due Dec 3rd. During the month of December we will analyzing each submitted RFP, make a selection and bring a recommendation to the January IT Committee meeting. The RFP progress can be followed on our website at

General Computer Refresh update

Current progress:
Schools completed include; Beech, Jewett, Hillside, Central ICT lab. Schools in process include Gossler, Green Acres, Hallsville, McDonough, Smyth, Wilson, West ICT and Parkside ICT labs. Target date for completion of these schools is end of December 2012. As of November 6, 2012 we have ordered 400 of the 800 total computers.

Dedicated internet access update

Current progress:
All of the dedicated Comcast internet connections with firewalls have been installed in the High schools and Middle schools. Elementary schools are in process.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Common Sense Media

This site provides teachers and parents with a wealth of resources to guide young learners on how to responsibly use digital media and internet resources. Register for a free account at to access:
  • Curriculum/Scope & Sequence Materials 
  • Professional Development Resources
  • Parent Resources 
  • ...and so much MORE!
The curriculum resources broken down nicely across grade spans. Check out these examples for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12.
Responsible internet use and digital citizenship to not need to be taught in isolation. Lessons integrate easily into routine daily instruction across the curriculum.

A link to Common Sense Media is also listed under Classroom Resources on the left side bar.