Monday, September 9, 2013

Countdown to Gmail - Frequently Asked Questions

Gmail is coming! Countdown to October 1.
We are excited to announce that the Manchester School District will finalize the move from FirstClass to the Gmail-powered interface in your district Google Apps for Education accounts on October 1.

Some common questions and answers:

QUESTION: Will my email address change?

ANSWER: No. Your email will still be The interface will be powered by Gmail in your district Google Apps account.

QUESTION: I keep hearing about “redirecting”. Do I have to do that now? What if I do nothing?

ANSWER: Redirecting email through a FirstClass “rule” is for early adopters who want to switch to Gmail prior to a full district migration. If you do nothing, you will automatically receive all NEW email in your Google account on October 1.

QUESTION: What happens to my old email in FirstClass? Will everything disappear?

ANSWER: FirstClass users will still have access to old email in 2013/14. Staff who wish to save old email for documentation purposes should create a backup. Please review this tutorial:

QUESTION: I’m not familiar with the Gmail interface. Where can I go for more information.

ANSWER: Visit Look on the upper left menu for Getting Started and Tips and Tricks.

QUESTION: Help! I lost/forgot my password.

ANSWER: Due to the high volume of requests, password reset requests should be entered here:

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