Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Maryland transitioning 54,000 state employees to Google Apps for Government

Today Google and the state of Maryland announced in a blog post that all 54,000 state employees will be transitioning to the Google Apps for Government platform as a replacement for old Microsoft Exchange and Novell mail servers:

Monday, January 13, 2014

Save the Date: Digital Learning Day is February 5, 2014

digital learning day

WHATDigital Learning Day is about engaging students and recognizing great teachers who use digital tools to enhance student learning.

WHEN: February 5, 2014

WHOYou and your students, anyone can participate! Beginners and experts alike are encouraged to plan an activity. Plan big or start small - add your "event" to the Digital Learning Day web site.

RESOURCES: Look for tools, ideas and lesson plans on the Digital Learning Day web site at http://www.digitallearningday.org/. Look for local NH resources on the NH Dept. of Education Office of Educational Technology web site at http://www.nheon.org/digitallearningday/
Let us know if you plan on participating: 

Have a look at this slideshow for more information on great ideas for 

staff and students on how to participate including: 
  • OUTREACH - tech showcase, tours & workshops 
  • CONNECT - Try Skype or a Google Hangout. Connect with another classroom in your school, another school in the district...or a school in another state or country!
  • LET STUDENTS LEAD - student demonstrations, student created content, student created videos
  • TEACHERS - try something new, take an online course, host an "app party"
  • SHIFT LEARNING - Flip your classroom for a day, start a project-based challenge, start and after school tech club

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Boston completes move of 76,000 city employees, police, teachers and students to the cloud with Google Apps

Not only are all city departments, including the Boston Police Department, now on Google Apps, but every teacher and more than 50,000 public school students each has an individual Google Apps account.

Link to full article.