Thursday, August 28, 2014

Important information on changes in student Google accounts

In order to leverage new classroom tools that are being made available through district Google accounts - specifically Google Classroom - we are bringing all student Google accounts under the same domain as staff accounts. What this means is that student Google IDs under will be phased out. Effective for the first day of school students should begin using their new accounts under Old accounts will remain open until mid-October for students who wish to "take out" items they wish to save.

Q: Who has a Google account?
A: All students.

Q: Do all students have access to email?
A: Only middle and high school students use email. But all students - including elementary - use their Google ID (in the form of an email address) to log in to their Google accounts.

NEW student IDs are based on students' LASSID. This provides a streamlined, neutral, and uniform ID for all students. Like their phone number, students should remember their LASSID. It is on their lunch ID and is also on their library ID.

OLD student IDs were based in students' name and year of graduation. We received numerous complaints from students and staff that the Google IDs were too long and difficult to predict because the name students used in the classroom was sometimes different than what was entered in Aspen. And, if a student's YOG  changed, the Google ID still contained the original YOG the student had when the account was created.

Q:How do I tell staff and students apart when sending email or sharing documents?
A:Staff email addresses are based on first inital + last name (unless there is a duplicate). Student IDs are based on their LASSID. As you begin to  type a name into the To: field of an email message names begin to appear that match what you are typing. You can also begin direct type a person's email address to more quickly narrow your choices.


NEW STUDENT PASSWORDS: In order to increase account security initial default passwords are no longer based on student birth dates. All students have been assigned a randomized initial default password that is stored in Aspen along with the student's Google ID. If a student changes and then forgets their password it will be reset to this default.

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