Friday, March 7, 2014

Federal E-Rate program being revamped

The FCC released its Public Notice on E-Rate Modernization today. Initial comments are due April 7th. A copy of the notice is on our website at

Here’s a basic outline of the notice:

  • Focused Funding FOR High-Capacity Broadband
    • Broadband Deployment within Schools and Libraries
      • Scope of Services to Be Funded
      • Access to Funding
        • Five-Year Upgrade Cycle
        • Rotating Eligibility
        • Annual Allocation for Internal Connections
        • Other Methods to Prioritize Internal Connections Funding
    •  Broadband Deployment to Schools and Libraries
      • Scope of Services to Be Funded 
      • Ensuring Equitable Distribution
    • Encouraging Cost-Effective Purchasing 
    • Streamlining the Administrative Process
  • Reduced Support for Voice Services
    • Reduced E-rate Support for Voice Services
    • Alternatives
    • Other Issues Related to Voice Services
    • Easing Administrative Burdens
  • Demonstration Projects
A more detailed analysis will be provided in next Monday’s newsletter.

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