Monday, September 1, 2014

Reset Requests for Google/Gmail Passwords

Google/Gmail passwords must be reset by a district-level account administrator. Passwords cannot be reset via a "forgot password" link.

Staff who need their password reset should submit the Password Reset form which can be found on the left side menu at or

For security purposes we do not provide passwords over the phone or to email addresses outside of unless the alternate email address has been added to Aspen. Please update your personal information in Aspen.

If an alternate email address can be confirmed in Aspen the password will be sent to that email address. If there is no alternate email address in Aspen you must go to your school's office to retrieve your password. The Staff Password Reset sheet is shared to all Principals, Assistant principals, and Administrative Assistants via Google Drive.

  • Keep passwords PRIVATE (don't display, tape to your screen etc.)
  • LOG OFF when finished working - especially on shared or public devices
  • DO NOT save your passwords in your computer's web browser
Need help creating a secure password you can easily remember? Check out this web site:

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