Friday, May 29, 2015

Takeout, anyone?

Google Takeout
Google Takeout
Sorry - no, I'm not asking you over for pizza and wings. It's Google Takeout!

Google Takeout

June is right around the corner and it's the time of year when staff and students start wondering what to do with all of the stuff  in their organizational Google account.

Enter Google Takeout! You have the option to download the data associated with an organizational Google Account so that it can be transferred to a personal Google account, other service, or simply to keep a copy for your records.

Visit to create your archive. NOTE: you will be prompted to enter your Google user ID and password in order to create your archive. If you have questions you can check out the FAQ by selecting the "Learn more" link on that page.

About Transfer of Ownership for Google Docs

If you created and own documents that are shared to other users in the organization you can transfer ownership of items you no longer need to another user in the same organization.  (What this means is you can't transfer ownership of docs from your school Google Drive to your personal Google Drive.) Find out more about transfer of ownership here:

Calendars are Tricky!

If you are leaving your organization and own important shared calendars please read this to make sure that shared calendar data does not get lost:

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