Monday, August 29, 2016

What's New in Google?

Over the summer Google announced many updates. Here are a few notable items:

Google Slides - When presenting with Google Slides you can now allow your audience to submit questions:

Google Sites - A long awaited refresh to Google Sites was announced in June. "Classic" Google Sites will still be around and all existing Sites should function for another year.  The "New Google Sites" are in beta and Google will continue to improve the interface as users provide feedback. Lucky manchester, NH - our school district was approved for the Early Adoption Program so anyone in MSD should feel free to check out the new interface.

Google Classroom - This has been on on everyone's wishlist: you can now invite parents to view your "Classroom".

Google Forms - Forms got a couple of nifty updates recently: you can now insert amages into question items: A quiz feature was also added to Forms. Check out the comparision between Flubaroo and The Google Forms quiz feature here:

As with all things Google -- keep in mind that updates and improvements are continually rolled out.

Have QUESTIONS? Google rolled out a Training for Google Apps extension. It's simple and efficient and is at your fingertips in everything Google.

Finally -- want to stay on top of it all? Stay up to date with all of the latest Google updates announcements:
What's new in Google:
Google Apps updates blog:

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